Solid Wood Countertops

It might seem like most projects we do have some element of walnut – because they do! It’s a very versatile colour that can fit in modern and traditional spaces and has nice variation in the grain when finished with clear lacquer.

We were lucky to have two large solid walnut counters to build and install this week on a few different projects. One slab is 165” x 44” and is the biggest one we have ever sent out and has an apron sink cut in. The other is an L shape with a mitred corner floating out from the corner of an island. Both were 2” thick and made out of solid 8/4 walnut in an edgegrain configuration. A decent mix of sapwood is what most of our clients are after to really make the piece stand out.

Both were finished with 3 coats of Osmo X and topcoated with John Boos butcher block oil.

2” thick walnut butcher block acting as the sit up area on this island

14’ butcher block with apron sink

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