As we move past the year that was 2020, reflection of what customers are looking for in a home is at its peak. With many families working and learning from home, the potential of having flexible creative spaces has peaked on everyone in the design community’s radar. What better a creative task, than to reimagine better ways for everyone in a family to work, learn and create from home? Designing and planning custom cabinetry, shelving and millwork in a flex space that extends off a home kitchen is critical to the success of such a space.

A few things to consider: 

Storage and Accessibility: What are you wanting to store, what are you wanting to display? Are you a minimalist, or do you want to have family creations available for viewing? Are you looking for a space that is accessible, or are you wanting to be able to close it off? What items do you need accessible? Custom cabinetry allows many options for items including technology to be hidden away and incorporation of modern necessities like charging stations, hidden cords, device storage, etc. 

In this featured space, multiple desk stations was a priority. Desk placement was designed with a low window for the purpose of having an unobstructed view while sitting and working. Deep window sills allow for storage of materials and plants.

Overhead custom cabinetry in white oak allows space to store less needed items and open into the room awning style.

In this featured space, accessibility for children’s materials was key. A parent working from home is able to work in the space alongside young children. Custom desk drawers allow for storage of work materials and open spaces leave space for accessible items for kids.

Proximity: to the kitchen. In our experience, close proximity to the kitchen is important. This home was designed pre-pandemic and the need for working from home capacity was not yet on the radar. 

In this featured space, homeowners wanted an after school space where young children were able to be creative and free to create. It was decided that closing off the room from the dining and kitchen space was important. Double sliding doors have proved a life-saver as it closes off creations, inventions, and clutter from the dining room and kitchen. (Doors: Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal, Trim, ¾ inch White Oak)

When in use, being open to the dining room and kitchen is beneficial as families stay connected during meal prep and homework time. This room was intentionally designed to be located beside a main floor powder room, with plumbing roughed in for a full bath addition; in the event that homeowners decide to transform this flex studio into a main floor master bedroom with ensuite as family needs evolve.

We hope this inspires you to think outside the box when it comes to your main floor or kitchen renovation. Contact Contour Cabinets for specialty cabinetry and millwork, and we can help make this space a reality.

  • Luke and Adam