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Cabinetry Trends Part II: Coffee

Part II of our series features design focused on the fuel required to sustain life itself: coffee. When planning a custom kitchen, it is important that you consider your frequently used items and make spaces for them. Designing cabinetry to disguise or feature your coffee and accessories can be both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly practical […]

Cabinetry Trends Part I: Curves and Arches

Part I of our series on current cabinetry and millwork design trends features a focus on curves and arches. Use of this architectural detail in your home allows traditional style to meet modern design; which is beneficial because partnerships of modern and traditional mean one thing for you: your renovation efforts will remain timeless. Look […]

I have decided my cabinetry needs an upgrade….now what?

Recently we have noticed an increase in interest, questions and curiosities surrounding topics of kitchen and home renovations. Have a look through our suggestions to help navigate the process of beginning your own renovation. Recommendations we can offer you when you are considering taking on the process of starting a major renovation are: Consider Choosing […]